The Stash Bivouac

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Unusual Night: Bivouac in the Forest
In search of unique & innovative experiences? The bivouac located right next to the Lil' Stash in the Proclou Forest will get you to experience an unusual night in the very heart of nature!

Whether it is for a night with your family or a unique experience with your friends, the bivouac is here to let you try to live in a total autonomy for a night or more !

The Accommodation:

The Bivouac is composed of 2 large tents (4 meters in diameter) that can accommodate 5 people maximum, or 10 people in total
Sleeping is done either on inflatable mattresses or on cots: it’s up to you to choose the sleeping type you prefer!
The rental of a tent includes the maximum capacity of beds (5 beds maximum). You will have the exclusive use of all of the beds in one of the 2 tents. However, the second tent may be rented by other people if you only book 1 tent.

The Adventurer Pack:

When you book a tent, the following items will be provided:
  • 5 beds (air mattresses or cots)
  • Disposable protective covers for inflatable mattresses
  • 1 battery-powered camping lamp
  • 1 can of 20L water
On site you will also find:
  • 1 picnic table with benches for 6 people
  • 1 gas grill with side fire for heating/cooking
  • Lighting
  • Chemical toilets
  • Cleaning kit

The Comfortable Adventurer Pack:

Sleeping bags can also be booked if you do not have yours. 
Also, a 
meal basket can also be provided in addition to the tent price with either: the aperitif, the dinner or the breakfast with products from the Seraussaix Farm.

  • By foot with the 4x4 road that starts from the Seraussaix Farm car park
  • By bike with the Fourmiz green downhill bike trail (stop at the Lil" Stash) or with the 4x4 road that starts from the Seraussaix Farm car park

Get to know more about the bivouac created by SERMA right here!
Équipments, Services
  • Classification :
    • Bivouac
  • Catering :
    • 1 Gaz BBQ
  • General Equipment :
    • 2 Chemical Toilets
  • Outdoor Equipment :
    • Terrace
    • Swing
    • 2 Pic-nic Tables



The Stash Bivouac
Piste du Proclou
Secteur de Super Morzine
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 46.19535
Longitude : 6.75169